May 22, 2013

A Public Private Partnership (PPP) project “Sustainable Action & Vision for a Better Environment” (SAVE) was officially kicked-off by PUMA and ASSIST in Jakarta, Indonesia on 15 March 2013.


SAVE project, co-financed by DEG (KfW bankgroup) and PUMA, has a timeframe of nearly two years. The primary purpose of SAVE is to create more environmental friendly production sites across the footwear, apparel and accessory supply chain in developing countries of Asia. SAVE will target the manufacturing locations of Indonesia, Cambodia, Bangladesh and China and it has an ultimate goal of reducing their energy, water, waste and greenhouse gas emissions by 25% as compared to the 2011-year baseline.


After the welcoming remarks at the Launch Ceremony, Adam Brennan, PUMA Project Sustainability Manager, and Josh Muller, PUMA Branch Manager in Indonesia, introduced the project background and the benefits it will bring to the suppliers. Aru David, ASSIST Regional Director, then continued with an introduction of ASSIST profile and its credentials in sustainability related projects. Kamesh Ganeson, Director of Partners and Network at ASSIST, gave an insight into the five completed and on-going projects of ASSIST in Indonesia. The event was concluded by setting the expectations, whereas the Project Steering Committee highlighted that strong commitment of the suppliers’ top management and dedicated project teams are the critical factors for SAVE’s success.


Following activities of the SAVE Launch Ceremony in Indonesia, a 10-day training and a series of onsite assessments will take place in May and June 2013.