Project SHARE Sets Solar Dryers in Cambodia

May 22, 2013

Together with Bayer and Silapakorn University Thailand, ASSIST conducted a series of visits around Cambodia in preparation for the installation of solar drying facilities within the project SHARE (Sustainable, Hygienic, And Resource Efficient Solar Dryers for Cambodians) on December 12-14, 2012 and February 14-25, 2013.


In December,ASSIST Project Officers Titya Noun and Vutha Sun, accompanied by Pinya Wongratanawijit and Soratha Chan of Bayer, and specialists from Silapakorn University Thailand, visited four locations where the drying facilities will be installed. This was followed by ASSIST, Bayer (Cambodia and Thailand) and Silapakorn University Thailand visiting two cooperatives in February in order to identify more potential grantees of the project.


As a final point of destination, the project proponents oversaw the building of the concrete foundation for the solar dryer, which was supervised by the Silapakorn University experts. Subsequently, the construction of two more sites and installation of the solar drying facilities will be followed by trainings in the succeeding months.


Project SHARE helps farmers reduce costs, generate more earnings, and eventually grow businesses by adopting the technology of solar drying. In the long term, the project can create more jobs, and help uplift welfare of the community.