Our Dairy Bread: Improving Dairy Farmers’ Productivity

July 15, 2019

India is known as one of the leading producers of milk and dairy products worldwide. With an annual production of about 164 million tons of milk, the country’s dairy sector generates billions of dollars every year.

Dairy farming is an important source of income for about 70 million rural households. Eighty percent of the country’s milk are produced by smallholder farmers who supply to hundreds of big dairy companies. However, these farmers face low productivity and sustenance due to the high cost of feed and fodder, weak cattle health, and low breeding productivity.

Through the support of KfW DEG, ASSIST and Thirumala Milk Products Private Limited will be launching a project called MILK or “Modernizing dairy sector for Improved Livelihood & Knowledge among dairy farmers.” This project aims to improve the productivity and income of farmers by training them in sustainable dairy farming practices and by establishing 10 small pilot farms and a local dairy support center. The project is set to be launched in July.