Cultivating an Inclusive Office Culture

July 15, 2019

Employee engagement has considerable effect on productivity and growth of individual employees and the entire company. In an effort to improve our organization’s employee engagement, a series of activities has been conducted that focuses on employee’s capacity development, as well as physical and mental wellness.

Last May 16, numerous employees from ASSIST Philippine office assembled at a nearby dance studio to learn a simple hip-hop routine, as a break from a hard day’s work. The dance instructor led the participants through the choreography, giving everyone a chance to take center stage.

The next activity focused on addressing the learning needs of employees through an easily accessible training. Facilitated by Noemel Macunat, ECCI’s own consultant, a seminar on documentation and document control was delivered on June 4. Through fun icebreakers, an educational lecture, and a short activity, participants were able to learn more about properly managing documented information.

These recreational activities and skills-building classes aim to demonstrate that the well-being and personal development of employees are seen as a priority. More activities will be conducted under the Learning Session and Fitness & Wellness series over the next few months to answer the increasing demand for more.