Living Smartly in India

July 15, 2019

Smart home solutions are setting the trend in India’s manufacturing industry. With the country’s market revenue doubling every three years, an estimated growth of 30% is expected in the smart home solutions market. But despite this growth, there is still a need to create more efficient solutions, targeting specific areas such as clean air and proper ventilation.

The entry of polluted air into residential homes and hospitals has been a constant problem that calls for urgent action. Polluted air leads to risks of communicable diseases, affecting people of all ages. Thus, ASSIST and Lingel Windows and Doors Technologies Private Limited, through the support of KfW DEG, developed a project to mitigate air pollution through innovative ventilation solutions.

The project, “Smart Window Technology Adaptation for Responsible Living” or SMART-LI, aims to promote healthy air conditions and improve air quality, through the installation of the SMART LI chip in residential homes and medical establishments in India. The SMART-LI chip is a Lingel-manufactured product created to improve air quality in buildings and establishments. The chip acts as a control panel for receiving and sending information to the customer about outdoor air quality, window control, rain sensor, etc. to the user. A winner of the ACETECH Design Wall 2016 Award, the SMART-LI chip can be installed in Lingel Windows and is connected to the Wi-Fi at the user’s place.

Moreover, through the SMART-LI project, underserved youth will be provided employment opportunities and skills enhancement trainings at Lingel’s product installations.

The project will be launched in July 2019 in Chennai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Chandigarh, and Mumbai regions. More information about the project will be provided in the next quarter.