The Green Electrician Project: Towards Greener Societies

January 28, 2019

Dao Thi Tu My, who grew up tinkering with machines and small electronics, is one of the few girls studying automation at Ly Tu Trong College (LTTC) in Ho Chi Minh City. Although automation is not a popular course among girls, My quickly impressed her teachers with her passion and intelligence.


My dreams of providing a better life for her parents who are both farmers; however pursuing quality education is difficult because of her family’s meager income. ASSIST, in association with LTTC and with co-financing from Schneider Electric Vietnam and KFW DEG, initiated the Green Electrician project that will help students from less advantaged backgrounds with free training programs on electricity, sustainable energy management, and entrepreneurship.


Furthermore, the project will also help students gain access to stable employment opportunities. Green Electrician directly targets sustainable economic development by improving the country’s vocational training standards and increasing the supply of skilled workers. The project also leverages the proper use and management of sustainable energy which is a growing trend in Vietnam.


“I learned about the Green Electrician project through my teachers at LTTC. They said that it’s a good opportunity for more hands on experience. Schneider also provided much modern facilities that we can use.  I was very impressed so I signed up,” said My.


Another student, Le Quoc Trung, also got drawn to the Green Electrician project. Trung’s parents are both working in local factories and like My, Trung’s family is also struggling to send him to school. He said, “The Green Electrician project is very interesting. The lessons are up-to-date with the newest technologies and trends, the teachers are very enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and the facilities are modern.”


My and Trung are hopeful that the project will lead them to stable jobs after graduation. With the project’s goals of creating a skilled workforce pool that has expertise in electricity and green technology management, and answering the growing demand for skilled electricians, My and Trung’s dreams are just within their reach.