Sharing of Development Sector Insights Through Partnerships

August 10, 2018

ASSIST partnered with the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) for the school’s new program, ‘Managerial Immersion (MI)’ which aims to immerse students in the organizational aspects of development management through internships.


The interns will produce a research report at the end of their 4-week internship program. Two students of AIM, Tia P. Sutresna, and Kitchie M. Hermoso were introduced to ASSIST as part of the pilot internship program.


Tia, with her experience in managing her NGO, the Bulir Padi Foundation, worked on developing marketing strategies for AsianNGO, ASSIST’s social enterprise. While Kitchie, who has a background in communications, worked on monitoring and visibility strategies for Master of Disaster (MOD), a board game on disaster preparedness. She also did a research on marketing strategy for potential partners with ASSIST’s Creative Lab.


The interns gained insights into the organizational internal dynamics and operations. Tia said, “Through the program, I gained experience on the operations of a successful nonprofit organization.”