Safety First: Preventing Industrial Hazards in Cambodia

January 28, 2019

In 2013, Bangladesh suffered what is widely considered the deadliest structural failure accident in modern human history and the deadliest garment factory accident in history with the Rana Plaza Collapse. The Fast Retailing Company Group, widely known for its brand UNIQLO, was spurred on by this disaster and committed to work towards a safe and healthy garment industry along with other global brands, retailers, and trade unions.


Aiming to prevent similar accidents from occurring, Fast Retailing has applied building safety inspections for factories in Cambodia – which currently has no building code for setting safety standards. ECCI and

ASSIST have been working with Fast Retailing since 2015 to conduct building safety inspections and assessments by visiting numerous factories in Cambodia and Indonesia to determine their structural integrity, soundness and safety.


ECCI, ASSIST, and Fast Retailing’s work grants these factories the ability to recognize and prevent environmental and industrial hazards, protect lives, ensure operational efficiency, increase productivity and maintain a safe and healthy work environment.