Marketing Heroes for Test Hero

July 11, 2018

Interns from Hong Kong University (HKU) joined ASSIST to provide marketing support on TEST HERO, an initiative of DigiBayanihan. The internship program, HKU – Common Purpose Leadership Development Programme, was organized by Common Purpose, a partner of ASSIST that runs leadership programs around the world to inspire people to work across boundaries.


Test Hero is an online platform which prepares students for taking college entrance tests. The interns worked on coming up with innovative ways to encourage people to sign-up and use the Test Hero online platform.


“The internship rendered opportunities to evaluate how NGOS and social work can contribute to social economic development,” says Sharma Vidhi, one of the interns. “Overall, I got to know better what NGOs does in their everyday work – their techniques, producing proposals, seeking grants and funds.”


Although not all the interns had previous interests in the field of development, they agreed that it was an experience that surely raised their interest. Xu Shicheng, another intern, said, “Having experienced the work of NGOs, I am certainly interested in seeing more. I hope to have another chance to get to know more about the development sector.”