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3CS – Corporate Climate Change Strategies

The CII ITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development (CII CESD) started “Corporate Sustainability Management in Indian Companies” – CoSMIC, an initiative to promote Corporate Sustainability Management (CSM) countrywide and across all sectors in association with GIZ.


The 3CS course, conceived as a part of the CoSMIC program, provides a comprehensive overview of business risks and opportunities, tools to use and strategic questions to consider when developing a Corporate Climate Change Strategy.


In the 1st phase of the CoSMIC project, actual training was used to educate companies. ASSIST, as a partner in the project, developed the content for training sessions including training manuals, campaign materials, references and best practice handbooks. In the 2nd phase of the project, the training was converted into e-learning modules for global outreach. The e-learning modules were uploaded in GIZ’s e-academy portal for public usage. All of the modules were SCORM Compliant to make them compliant with different platforms.

Inter-Agency Social Protection Assessment (ISPA) Learning Strategy Development

World Bank IFC initiated an Inter-Agency Social Protection Assessment (ISPA) program that aims to support its key development partners ensure that social protection standards are implemented. ASSIST designed a comprehensive learning strategy on ISPA helping users to fully understand the ISPA initiative and learn to use its tools. The learning materials (face-to-face and e-learning) were meant for the key staff of international development partners as well as social protection agencies of target countries. It aimed to ensure consistent implementation of the tools across users, ensure standardized documentation of findings of ISPA assessment and contribute to quality assurance processes.


The project included the conduct of half-day training on the ISPA framework, two 3-day training on individual tools and a 5-day course with rapid training on at least one ISPA tool development by each suite. ASSIST designed online pre-training and post-training activities, the First ISPA Fall one-week course and two types of self-guided online training courses. The interactive e-learning tool included an English narration and can be used offline as well.