Energy Efficiency Initiative


The percentage of the Cambodian population with access to electricity is very low, at 56.1% in 2014. A lack of electricity affects society in numerous ways: children find it more difficult to study, families are unable to properly prepare food, communities cannot conduct social gatherings and the overall productivity of the country suffers. To meet the growing demand for affordable and accessible electricity, it is essential to adopt alternative sources of electricity production.


Considering the challenges faced by Cambodian communities, ASSIST is working to implement the Energy Efficiency Initiative and increase the capacity of distributors to create and support a market for Philips’ solar systems. The Energy Efficiency Initiative is a project organized by ASSIST, DEG, and Philips, to provide LED solar systems to electricity-deprived regions in Cambodia and build the capacity of local actors to support and maintain LED solar systems. Local stakeholders, such as public authorities, community representatives, and NGOs, will collaborate and coordinate the capacity building of communities, the implementation and maintenance of Philips’ solar products and LED Solar Lighting Solutions.


By the end of the 18-month period of implementation, the Energy Efficiency Initiative will have reached 510 households and 30 public spaces; including playgrounds, classrooms and community centers. The target communities will enjoy the benefits of high-quality and cost-effective lighting that is reliable and robust, easy to install and maintain, matches climate factors with minimum environmental impact, ultimately providing a better standard of life, be it day or night.