Windows of Opportunity in India’s Building Sector

The project, “Smart Window Technology Adaptation for Responsible Living” or SMART-LI aims to promote healthy air conditions and improve air quality, through the installation of the SMART LI chip in residential homes and medical establishments in India. A partnership consisting of ASSIST and Lingel Windows and Doors Technologies Private Limited, with the support of KfW DEG, SMART-LI mitigates air pollution through innovative ventilation solutions. 

SMART-LI was launched on the 9th of August 2019 in an open public forum that engaged architects, industrial experts, students, and institutions in the first-ever introduction of the SmartLi chip. Attendees of the forum were able to witness how climate-adaptive window design technology can address the challenges and opportunities faced by India’s building sector. 

During the open forum segment of the project launch, attendees spoke out on the importance of sharing new technologies and raising awareness among both the students training to become technicians and the customers investing in healthier living. Foreseeing this need, a major component of SMART-LI’s project activities includes the training of supervisors, members of the youth, and trainees in the installation and use of Lingel products and smart home solutions. 


Banner Image Source: Pierre Châtel-Innocenti on Unsplash