Teach and Switch: Sensitization Workshop

January 28, 2019

India is fast becoming a mobile-led economy with its market penetration expected to grow from 52% to 63% in the coming years. It is also becoming an attractive global manufacturing hub for the electronics industry.

However, developing a world-class local supply chain for the industry remains a challenge.


To overcome this challenge, ASSIST, in partnership with Salcomp, implemented Project SWITCH (Skilling Workforce and Improving quality standards To Channelize growth in electronics industry) project. This quarter, a full day sensitisation workshops for a total of 150 quality and production engineers from Salcomp’s suppliers were carried out across the cities of Chennai, Coimbatore and Hosur.


Bringing together assistant managers, safety engineers, quality engineers and production engineers, the workshop educated suppliers on business processes like lean six sigma, continual improvement, 5S, and others that will lead to improvement in production quality and keep a check on costs.


The participants were taken through simple, important and effective measures that could reduce rejection rate, and setup time, improve multi-skilling among operators, improve visual inspection, reduce occupation accidents and promote an environment-friendly workspace.