Poimapper partners with ASSIST

May 18, 2015

Poimapper, a mobile real-time data collector developed by Pajat Solutions Ltd., helps users collect, share, and visualize geographically tagged data in real-time. This mobile data collector is perfectly fit for field work data gathering operations because it has the ability to monitor the status and development of the operations. It is especially convenient considering some data research needs to be gathered in rural areas with rough field conditions. In healthcare, Poimapper serves as a quick messenger because of its ability to relay patient’s health data to central health records.


Some of its customers include Lake Superior Consulting in the United States; KIMS Hospital and Research Center in India; Plan International, a children’s organization and Oxfam.


Now, in an effort to expand operations, Poimapper has made its way to the Philippines and partners with ASSIST. ASSIST is proud to be the first ever partner of Poimapper in the country.