Piloting Hospital Assessment for a COVID-Free Philippines

More than 9,000 new cases of COVID-19 have been recorded in the Philippines to date, with 11 new confirmed deaths amounting to a total of 13,170. As a response to the rising cases, a pilot hospital assessment was conducted in Dagupan Doctors Villaflor Memorial Hospital on March 15 under the Saving the Lives of Healthcare Workers in the Philippines. 

The pilot assessment aims to improve the infection prevention and control of Dagupan Doctors Villaflor Memorial Hospital amid the rapid spike of COVID-19 cases in the country. On the same day, ASSIST Director of Projects and Strategy, Francis Macatulad met with San Carlos City Councilor Jack Lester Soriano in Pangasinan to donate personal protective equipment (PPEs) to Pangasinan General Hospital.

Last March 13, a training of trainers (TOT) was organized as part of Strategy 2, attended by over 40 faculty members from Our Lady of Fatima. Furthering the training, a COVID-19 Management Training is expected to roll-out to 8,000 of its students.


The Saving the Lives of Healthcare Workers in the Philippines is a project of ASSIST in partnership with an international global health organization, Project HOPE which aims to distribute PPE kits to select hospitals and health facilities, and provide COVID-19 Infection Prevention & Controls (IPC) training to healthcare workers to help them safely screen and treat patients.