Philips, ASSIST light up second largest province in Cambodia

March 21, 2018

KAMPONG THOM, Cambodia – The government says only 58% of the people in Cambodia have access to electricity. With the rest of the population relying on kerosene lamps and stoves, they run the risk of fire, health problems, and, consequently, additional financial burden.


To address this, Philips and ASSIST partnered for the Energy Efficiency Initiative (EEI) Project to provide solar lighting solutions to rural communities in the province.


Funded by DEG, a subsidiary of the KfW banking group of Germany, EEI supplies cost-effective and safe home lighting solutions and street light systems. This is within Philips Light Foundation’s aim to harness the sun’s energy and provide lights and electricity to rural households, schools, community centers and playgrounds.


From early February to March, ASSIST has hosted events related to the project. These include the training of local partners, project ambassadors, and over 500 households, particularly on the products’ installation process. These were attended by Seang Mab, Storng District Deputy Chief; Kong Sophea, Sandan District Deputy Chief; and, Lang Sarou, Kampong Svay District Deputy Chief.


Despite the eminent closure of the project in May, Philips commits to provide long-term energy solutions and launch new initiatives to improve livelihood in remote areas, through the newly established retail network of Philips Solar Solutions in the country.


Also among the project implementation partners are Trailblazer Cambodia Organization (TCO), Action For Development (AFD), Pteah Baitong Solar Company of Entrepreneurs du Monde, and local non-government organizations.