Philippine Industrial Energy Efficiency Project (PIEEP)

March 2, 2015

Recognizing the critical importance of energy management system standards and systems optimization as an approach to advance and accelerate energy efficiency improvements in industries, the Philippine Department of Energy (DOE), in cooperation with the Department of Trade & Industry (DTI), is undertaking a project entitled Philippine Industrial Energy Efficiency Project (PIEEP).


With funding from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and technical assistance provided by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), this five-year initiative addresses the need to implement energy efficiency measures specifically in the industrial sector.


The project aims to promote sustainable energy management system and achieve energy efficiency best practices within four of the most energy-intensive sectors in the country – Metal & Steel, Pulp & Paper, Chemical, and Food & Beverages, with the purpose of saving energy and contributing to climate change mitigation efforts.


This objective will be achieved through the introduction of energy management system (EnMS) standards (compliant with ISO 50001); systems optimization (SO) for steam, compressed air, and pumps; and expansion of financing opportunities for energy efficiency investments.


The adoption of EnMS will provide a policy-driven market-based tool and best practice method to integrate energy efficiency into industry corporate culture and daily management, while SO will focus on system-wide improvements for efficiency gains, rather than on individual components. Through this approach, the project is bringing new concepts and opportunities to Filipino industries in reducing energy consumption and energy cost, lowering GHG emissions, improving operational efficiency, and increasing competitiveness.


GEF has provided a grant of $3.166 million, covering specific project interventions such as technical trainings and capacity building for selected local experts and industrial facilities, policy support, awareness campaigns, peer-to-peer networking, and facilitating access to credit facilities.


Since its implementation in 2011, more than 100 factories were trained on how to implement an energy management system. Of these, 18 factories have already implemented EnMS using the ISO 50001 framework. These were achieved with the help of 40 national experts on energy management system. The project also has brought together 10 national experts for systems optimization. They have trained more than 400 factory personnel on how to optimize the compressed air, pump, and steam systems.


The enhanced capacity of local experts and factory personnel trained under the project will serve as multipliers facilitating nationwide uptake of EnMS and SO beyond the project period. Together with several national banks, the project is also set to increase the availability of opportunities and support for industrial facilities seeking financing for energy efficiency improvement projects.


Learn more about the project by visiting the PIEEP website at, or contacting Engr. Jun Baclay at [email protected].