Milking Awareness with Project MILK

More than 150 dairy farmers gathered for an awareness session as part of a continuous effort to instill the importance and benefits of sustainable dairy management practices. 

Veterinary doctors from Thirumala in India led the discussion on topics such as cattle feed management and clean milk production. A total of 6 sessions split into three days enabled dairy farmers to learn more on the proper method of milking the cow as well as maintaining a hygienic environment.

The awareness session is part of the MILK  (Modernizing dairy sector for Improved   Livelihood & Knowledge among dairy farmers) project,  a public private partnership (PPP) model funded by KFW  Deg and Thirumala Milk Products Private Limited implemented by  ASSIST in association with Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences  University (TANUVAS) which aims to boost the productivity and income of farmers through sustainable dairy farming education.