i2Can holds its 7th event at Chennai Corporation High School

December 10, 2014

The Social Actions Team in ASSIST India Office held the 7th I2Can: Inspiring and Igniting Creativity among Young People event last November 11. This event was held at the Chennai Corporation High School in Chennai. The purpose of the event was to create awareness on healthcare, road safety, disaster management and mitigation among the student community. Approximately 750 students from the school participated in the awareness campaign.


The speakers of the event include Dr. L. Pravina, dental surgeon; Mr. S. Puhazhenthi, Chief Sanitary Inspector; Mr. P. Kumar, Junior Entomologist; Mr. N. Vinayagam, Inspetor of Police Traffice Thiruvanmiyur; and Mr. R. Raju, from Thilak Safety Associates, Chennai.


The continuous success of the I2Can initiative only marks the beginning of more projects to come. What the initiative has achieved only goes beyond educating young people on topics that are practical. More importantly, the initiative has accomplished a strong foundation for a creative and socially responsible generation.


Guided by the principle of “Partnering for Progress,” ASSIST seeks to further the objectives of I2Can by partnering and collaborating with institutions and individuals who believe in empowering the next generation