Green Electrician: The Student Becomes the Teacher

June 23, 2018

HO CHI MINH, Vietnam – ASSIST Vietnam completed its training of teachers (ToT) on installing and commissioning of photovoltaic systems (PV) designed to supply usable solar power. The trainees were selected students of Ly Tu Trong College (LTTC) and its partner colleges.


The training, which was held 11-23 June at the Ly Tu Trong College of Ho Chi Minh City, was organized by LILAMAM 2 College and GIZ, a German agency that specializes on development aid. The training is part of the project ‘Green Electrician’ which aims to encourage the utilization of sustainable energy in Vietnam. The project was funded by DEG and the Schneider Foundation and implemented by ASSIST Vietnam.


Michael Stark from GIZ led the training. The students were taught subjects such as solar energy overview, work safety, assembling PV-generator/cabinet/generator frame through lectures, instructions, and on the job training methods.


Eighteen students who completed the training will become trainers for solar PV systems. The initial goal was to train 100 students on sustainable energy and solar power. ASSIST Vietnam Project associate Le Thi Kim Loan expressed her good hopes for the project, saying that “the trainings are great, and I look forward to achieving our goal of teaching 100 trainees. [I believe that we] will make a sustainable impact on the solar PV industry here in Vietnam.”