From Children of the Storm to Masters of Disaster

COVID-19 has impacted every sphere of work, causing many shifts in the way ASSIST and other nonprofit organizations choose the focus of their projects. The Task Force Children of the STORM (TFCOS) is a Philippine-based consortium of five child-focused organizations and institutions that came together for the purpose of providing assistance to disaster-stricken communities and children. As a direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic and consequent lockdowns, TFCOS reached out for ASSIST’s support to TULONG PASLIT (Help the Children), a psychosocial intervention program with a target reach of 4,300 families.

The Philippines has instituted a series of community lockdowns at varying levels since the outbreak of COVID-19 and many families find themselves burdened From Children of the Storm to Masters of Disaster by the physical, economic, and mental stresses brought about by these circumstances. ASSIST has donated 20 units of the Master of Disaster board game to TFCOS, not just to instill awareness and understanding of proper disaster preparedness but also to uplift spirits of children and their families during these rough times.

Never has it been more important to band together and reach out to one another in solidarity. An organized, collective response ensures that we will win the battle against COVID-19 within each community. ASSIST will continue establishing partnerships for progress and implementing projects that create social improvement and sustainable transformation.