Facing the Future

In 2019, ASSIST in partnership with KFW DEG launched the Smart Window Technology Adaptation for Responsible Living (SMART-LI) project with the goal of improving and promoting healthy air conditions in India, through innovative ventilation solutions in residential homes and medical establishments. The project officially closed off last November 20 with its successful run paving a smarter and cleaner future for India. 

Some highlights of the project include the installation of Lingel-manufactured Smart Li chips, designed to improve air quality in buildings and establishments, and the skills development training of underprivileged youth in support of closing the education and employment gap in India. 


14 houses and 24 hospitals were installed with Smart Li chips

Indoor air quality increased to 50% thanks to the installation of Smart Li chips

130 youth were trained as product technicians, window installation apprentices, and technical supervisors. 39 of them were officially employed by the Lingel Windows & Doors Technologies Private limited