Building Chemistry of Students to Science

One of the things that define our world today is the fact that development is constant. As innovation continues to shape the world, it is crucial for people to get up to speed by either learning a new skill or a hobby. This trend transcends to the young generation as well and building them to become future-ready means expanding their education right from school.

ASSIST Vietnam’s answer is a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) program called Learning Labs. Funded by DOW Vietnam, this program was initiated to strengthen the understanding of primary and secondary school students in Chemistry and encourage them to pursue Chemical Sciences and apply them in solving the world’s critical problems. 

Two STEM classes were organized on January 8 at Bo De Secondary School in Hanoi, Vietnam attended by 39 students in Grade 8 and January 22 at Mac Dinh Chi Secondary School with 43 students in Grade 8. Students performed several chemical experiments and were also guided on the topics such as environmental protection conducted by expert trainers from the Institute of Environmental Science and Engineering (IESE) and Hanoi University of Civil Engineering (HUCE).

Throughout the project run, 14 secondary schools in Hanoi will benefit from the  STEM classes. Operations and activities under the Learning Labs are expected to continue this month, once the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.