ASSIST and GIZ supports the Plumbers in India

August 28, 2013

ASSIST together with GIZ organized trainings for plumbers on good and green plumbing practices in collaboration with Industrial Training Institute(ITI) College in Shimla on June 19-21, 2013 and with Maharashtra Environmental Engineering Training and Research Academy (MEETRA) Training Institute in Nashik on June 26-27, 2013.


Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and ASSIST in collaboration with the two universities joined forces to provide consultancy services for plumbers in preparation of the training module to be developed which will cover the connection of households to sewerage and septic tanks.


The first training was attended by 25 licensed plumbers of Shimla, 30 students enrolled in the plumbing course of ITI and 10 plumbing course instructors from ITI as well. The second training was attended by 36 practicing plumbers of Nashik. Gulzarilal Nandalal Lathi and Keerthika Mandava were the speakers for both trainings. The first training was joined by guests namely, Mayor of Shimla, Mr. Sanjay Chauhan, Municipal Commissioner of Shimla, Mr. Amarjeet Singh. The second training was graced by Superintendent Engineers: R.K Pawar, U.B Pawar, C.R Gajbhiye and from the Indian Plumbing Association, Milind Shetye.


There will be one more training to be conducted within the month of July in Kochi and once the Plumbers Manual is finalized, it will be distributed to plumbers across India.