AsianNGO Launches Web Portal

June 6, 2013

ASSIST and AsianNGO introduced the Web Portal in MCCI, Chennai on June 6, 2013.


ASSIST representatives involved were S. Muralidharan, Platosen Samarasam, Yatheender, Rajachidambaram, Marian Thomassen, and Asmita Moon. The event is organized to get the public acquainted with AsianNGO and to raise their suggestions and opinions with it as well. Asian NGO will help NGOs to get equipped with skills, identify opportunities, acquire projects and partners and will be guided in execution of projects. The program consisted of introductions of the different organizations and work present followed by the brief introduction about AsainNGO with its broachers and magazines. A brief focus group discussion was inititated by Platosen Samarasam which introduced some key suggestions and opinions for Asian NGO. And lastly, Asian NGO web Portal was introduced and explained by Yatheender, highlighting its benefits.