A Brighter Future: Solar-powered Solutions

On the 30th of September 2019, the SOLution project was launched in Pinagtulayan, gathering more than 134 participants, including agriculturists, farmer-beneficiaries, and key members of the local government. SOLution is a Public-Private Partnership under the develoPPP program of the KfW DEG, in partnership with Grundfos Pumps Philippines and ASSIST. 

The Philippine agricultural sector is a cornerstone of the country’s economy, employing over 30% of the country’s workforce, however, it suffers from a lack of support and inadequate facilities, especially in terms of efficient irrigation. SOLution aims to address the irrigation needs of rural farmers with small landholding in Norzagary, Bulacan. By providing access to solar-powered irrigation systems, the project can improve access to reliable and economically viable solar-powered irrigation options, raising their income levels through better crop yields and reduced irrigation costs. 

Through the course of this project, 100 farmers will be trained on the best practices in small scale irrigation, 25 irrigation specialists will be provided support from local agronomists and agriculture graduates, irrigation systems will be installed in three farming communities, where field visits will be conducted for knowledge sharing.