Job Openings

Position: Project Management Associate

Unit: 1

Location: Manila, Philippines

Date Posted: March 24, 2021

Closing Date:

Job Background

The Project Management Associate will be part of our Project Management Office (PMO) located in our Manila office.


A. Administrative and Communication functions
a. Coordinate with other units as needed by any Private Sector Partnership (PSP) and ASSIST Social Actions (ASA) project.
b. Work collaboratively along with other functions such as Acquisition,Contracting & Finance Management (OSG), Communication & Visibility (C&V), Knowledge Asset Management and other specific units including Creative Labs (CL) as directed by the Manager.
c. Utilize tools, instruments, files and documents properly (project management, communication, task management) in the conduct of project management.
d. At project contracting stage, participate along with the Acquisition team to ensure alignment with PMO processes as directed by the Manager.
e. As part of the operations, the person is expected to actively engage in all organization-related activities including meetings and assemblies.
f. Observe all policies in the Employee Handbook and Operations Manual.

B. Project Management functions
a. Manage the implementation of all activities in the identified project sites and initiate onsite interactions with target communities and local partners.
b. Facilitate smooth and effective coordination of project activities with partners in the communities covered.
c. Mobilize communities and disseminate information about the project to promote community support.
d. Provide support in conducting baseline data collection and situational analysis.
e. Conduct trainings and capacity building initiatives.
f. Prepare and submit activity reports, minutes of meetings.

C. Monitoring, Supervision and Evaluation (MSE) functions
a. Prepare, draft, and finalize reports to be submitted to the donors & partners after careful review of the Manager.
b. Participate to regular project review meetings (weekly/monthly) to review Key Result Areas (KRA) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI).
c. Provide the PMO regular updates on project-related issues and project status on a weekly and monthly basis.
d. Participate in collaboration when asked to identify and improve new tools that will be utilized in monitoring program implementation.
e. Collect data from the field in line with program indicators and submit regular updates, reports and case studies on success stories and lessons learned to the Project Manager.
f. Maintain suitable records and statistical information for management information requirements.

D. Compliance management functions
a. Observe standard processes & policies of ASSIST including technical, financial, and administrative policies in the conduct of projects.
b. Observe and maintain alignment of projects with PMO processes.
c. Submit timely reports for donors, for partners, and for the management.
d. Observe financial policies and ensure that costs are within the agreed budget.
e. Participate with Budget and Performance Review as needed to ensure optimization of budget utilization.
f. Actively use company tools, instruments, files and documents needed for the effective & efficient implementation of project.

E. Relationship Management functions
a. Actively engage and maintain a sound working relationship with donors, partners, and beneficiaries during the conduct of projects.
b. Actively participate in project events as directed by the Manager.
c. Liaise with stakeholders, including LGUs, schools, local leaders and
partners and participate in relevant meetings within the community.

F. Other functions
a. Collaborate with other units and staff with regards to new developments and projects being underway if directed by the Management.
b. Provide support on other units of ASSIST if directed by the Management.
c. Performs other related tasks, duties and responsibilities that may be assigned by the Manager.


  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant field(s) including, but not limited to, Social Science
    and Social Development courses.
  • Experience in social development for at least one year will be desirable.
  • Fluent spoken and written language skills in English and Tagalog are essential
  • Knowledge of other Philippine languages is a plus.
  • High level of initiative to work independently and self-motivate, but with essential
    teamwork skills.
  • Excellent communication, listening, and presentation skills. The ability to speak
    and articulate in a meeting setting is critical.
  • Responsibility for own workload and ability to handle multiple priorities against tight
  • Excellent interpersonal skills including relationship building, networking,
    influencing, and negotiating.
  • Proactive and motivated to discuss and meet with partners (from the academe,
    corporate, non-profit, etc.).
  • Knows how to cooperate and collaborate with other team members.