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In response to OUR PARTNERS’ unprecedented global need for support, it has become even more important for ASSIST Fundraising Services (AFS) to deliver life-saving assistance and develop sustainable solutions that ensure our clients’ advocacy are fulfilled. While OUR CLIENTS receive donations from public and private sector partners, face-to-face fundraising remains one of the main fundraising channels for OUR PARTNERS to seek continuous donation from the general public. Through our efforts, OUR VISION of a community of individuals WAS BUILT whose regular contributions enable the most vulnerable people in the Philippines and worldwide enjoy their basic rights WITH SUSTAINABILITY AND BETTER FUTURES.

Our Services

Face-to-Face Campaigns

ASSIST’s Face-to-Face Fundraising Services provides our current partners the ease of execution as we own not only actual individual donor acquisition, but also full responsibility of Recruitment, Training, Deployment & Management of highly-qualified fundraisers who are not only committed to hitting our partners’ numerical targets, but also strengthening their brand by raising awareness for their programs and making new advocates of the passing public. Our dynamic teams of facers have been duly and are continually developed to competently represent our partners inviting those they engage to be take part in making a difference.

Corporate Campaigns

With 15 years worth of collaborations and partnerships within both the developmental space as well as the private sector, ASSIST is uniquely positioned to usher in for its client partners, a well-maintained network of possibilities. In fact, a huge chunk of our own project funding over the past decade has come primarily from our corporate partners. This said, ASSIST offers to connect dots for clients who seek to partner with corporates who share the same burden to create and sustain programmatic positive change in the environment or the community.


With the ubiquity of mobile telephony, telemarketing has proven to be an enduring channel to tap. The advancements in technology have made this fact all the more true with different sub-channels opening up within telephony. ASSIST is able to provide its partners outbound and inbound call-handling services as well as SMS blast campaigns that engage the donor market remotely with relatively minimal cost. Our expertise stems from our very own experience in putting up and managing our own in-house telemarketing team who have been successfully producing impressive results for our group of companies.

Donor Fulfillment & Retention

While it is true that Direct Mailing channels have been one of the oldest channels used in marketing, it still proves to be a viable avenue that still continues to provide positive results for the investment made. ASSIST can not only provide actual production, packaging and mailing services, but can also extend its engagement to concept-to-content design and production. An in-house team of graphic artists and professionals is equipped with the technology, know-how and most importantly, the developmental context in which to best reach out to your donor lists.

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