Energy and Natural Resources

The growing global population and increasing economic production have put a strain on the world’s finite resources making it necessary to access energy beyond fossil fuels to ensure sustainable development. It is important to become efficient in managing natural resources to be effective in managing the environment. ASSIST proactively responds to these challenges by promoting and improving access to renewable energy; implementing integrated water resource and waste management interventions and implementing projects and programs towards climate change adaptation and mitigation including disaster risk reduction and management. Our projects in this sector fill the gap between meeting society’s basic needs while maintaining and sustaining natural systems.


Beyond capacity building, ASSIST also provides technical assistance through a number of projects that focus on energy access for off-grid areas through home systems and community-based models; promotes climate-friendly technology in the urban settings through implementation of sustainable pilot solutions; supports capacity development at the level of national agencies for creating policy level changes and intervenes at community level for disaster risk reduction by promoting access to clean drinking water, implementing CBDRM interventions including geo-mapping and establishing municipal solid waste management facilities that not only help manage waste but also significantly contribute towards climate change mitigation.

ASSIST’s work with the private sector, public institutions and underserved communities have created positive impacts that are aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


Clean Water and Sanitation (SDG 6)

Affordable and Clean Energy (SDG 7)

Climate Action (SDG 13)

Life Below Water (SDG 14)

Life on Land (SDG 15)

Partnerships for the Goals (SDG 17)


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