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Sustainable, Hygenic And Resource Efficient Solar Dryers for Cambodians

Cambodia's economy has achieved a steady growth for the past decade and is forecast to improve even more. Fisheries and agriculture are two industries known to contribute the most to the Gross Domestic Product and balance of trade. One of the oldest techniques employed for processing dried agricultural and seafood products are open sun drying. However, it is also considered the least efficient in terms of processing time and weight loss of the end-product, and the least safe as the products are exposed to various contaminants.

Through this project, the implementers seek to promote a dramatic improvement on the practice of drying agricultural produce and seafood. This can be achieved through the training of a local pool of consultants and industrial designers who can construct and install the solar dryer. The installation of pilot solar dryers will also increase the local technical know-how and attract and motivate other relevant stakeholders to engage in this venture.

Successful implementation of the project will encourage the installation of solar dryers for SMEs at the community level. Small investors will be more likely to venture into the innovative business model, with the support from local banks and financial institutions.

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