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SWitch to sustainable developement through Energy Efficiency Practices

The Indian manufacturing sector is one of the nation’s largest sources of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and continues to grow due to rapid industrialization in the country. The following sectors – Cement, Iron & Steel, Aluminum, Fertilizer, Paper & Pulp and Power sector are the six most energy intensive industries in India. There is a significant potential for cost-effective energy efficiency improvements among the same general set of sectors. Much can be done to reduce the carbon intensity of the manufacturing sector with overall cost savings and reduction of environmental degradation.

This project, co-finance by DEG and implemented by TUV India Pvt Ltd and ASSIST proposes to address these major emission sectors which are the largest emitter of GHG emissions and work towards the low carbon economy capacity building & implementation of energy management systems and later on replicate the same in other sectors of manufacturing and influence service industries as well.

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