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Proper Handling and Testing of Chemical and Toxic Substances

The rapid industrial development in China during the past decade - especially in the electrical, electronics, textile, automotive and manufacturing industries - have improving people’s living standard. 

However, it has also brought about environmental and safety problems, as the products containing hazardous chemical substances cause serious environmental pollution during the production process and after being discarded, the production process also causes OHS issues. While the government is enforcing some laws on the use of such substances and there are international standards available, there seems to be a low level of awareness particularly among the SMEs .

Through PROTECT, which is co-financed by DEG and Guangzhou TÜV Industrial Technical Services Co., Ltd, Guangzhou TÜV Industrial Technical Services Co., Ltd and ASSIST launched a comprehensive program to build up local capacity in the SMEs as well as local quality testing laboratories and help them improve their environmental performance.


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