ASSIST Internship Program Rules and Conditions

  1. You must have finished at least 50% of your course requirements before appying for ASSIST’s internship program.
  2. You must email/submit the following documents to the ASSIST Human Resource Officer to qualify for the internship program (Subject Line: ATTN: ASSIST HR; Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ):
    • Application letter
    • Copy of latest grades
    • Authorization from your university indicating the approval of your internship with ASSIST, and other relevant information that ASSIST will need in order to successfully comply with your course requirements
    • Certificate of good moral character
    • Medical Certificate
    • Recommendation letter from two of your professors or mentors
  3. You understand that you may be deployed to either the Philippine country office or to ASSIST’s office in India. State in your application letter your preferred location and the reasons for your choice.
  4. You understand that it is your responsibility to arrange for your travel details and VISA if necessary. ASSIST shall not shoulder the costs incurred in the process.
  5. You understand the need to follow local laws and norms without prejudice to your own set of beliefs and values.
  6. You are to perform tasks assigned to you to the best of your abilities. You are to inform your team leader/intern coordinator of problems which you think may arise in the course of your internship (i.e. language, culture, health risks, etc.)
  7. You understand that the internship program is temporary and shall end on the date specified by your university.
  8. You are to follow rules of your host organization at all times.
  9. You are expected to to return home upon the termination of your internship program and upon the expiration of your VISA. Should you wish to extend your stay in your host country, ASSIST shall notify your university and the appropriate agency of your status with the organization. In no condition shall ASSIST be liable for your actions outside its jurisdiction.
  10. Failure to comply with any of the said rules or inability to provide truthful information may result into program dismissal.